WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Comey Out, Left Confused


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The other day I mentioned an event from a couple of years ago where a BCS employee overextended her authority and attempted to control adult behavior in their own vehicles on BCS property.  Once we made issue of this over-extension, the employee wasn’t with BCS for long.  I think we have found where she and those like her have landed, Canada!  The penalty is more severe than a school suspension, though.  How about hundreds of dollars in fines?   That’s not our only schools overreach story today.  How about more social media and gun paranoia?  College idiocy continues when it comes to restrooms.  As far as college nonsense goes, if you work at one, don’t you dare criticize the PC indoctrination they put you through.  The ACLU says the travel ban attempted by President Trump would be legal if it wasn’t Trump trying to impose it!  The president fired the FBI Director and the left just doesn’t understand it’s in his purview to do so.  I have those and other stories in play this morning, but it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  What’s on YOUR mind?

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