When Evoking Jesus, Expect His Followers to Reply


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When the left tries to own the moral high ground, they find it difficult to hold the unfamiliar territory.  We begin our Tuesday there!  Even they (the left) are tired of Hillary Clinton and they are starting to speak out about it!  Madam Secretary, it’s time to recognize when your time has passed!  We are doing the kids in American colleges no favors with what we are allowing them to think and believe without challenge, or at education elitist direction.  Nowhere is this more evident than the worst university in the country, the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  There, the snowflakes being produced are demanding control of the campus police department because a student was arrested for $4000 in vandalism.  Never mind that the bad guy-student threatened to kill a witness to his crime.  While the legislature did wrap up the session yesterday, it left many folks, the governor likely among them, unhappy.  The teachers’ union and the Senate are also among the dissatisfied. 

Palm Bay City Manager Gregg Lynk has become a friend.  He’s been under fire with 2/5 of City Council, but that’s not our focus today…the city had some issues that required Gregg’s expertise and integrity.  That DOES make one wonder if that is the reason the 2/3 minority is after him.  Are they protecting something?  One former council member is griping about things that occurred under that previous council.  Florida Today is looking into the allegations and Gregg has the answers.  We talk them in our 8am hour today. 

Get your tickets today to the Florida Today interactive discussion of Murder on the Space Coast that happens tomorrow night from 5pm-7pm at Open Mike’s at US1 and Babcock Street. 

Here is the link: Murder on the Space Coast- public interactive

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