If You Want the Moral High Ground...Have a Clue

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Since Freddy Gray and the attack on law enforcement personnel from their own supervisors and city management I’ve been telling you that if I were a cop these days I would handle emergency situations only and stop the routine engagement expected in today’s world.  Looks like that may just be happening and I don’t blame the cops!  For years schools have been taking authority they don’t actually have in attempting to control student (and sometimes parent) behavior when they have no jurisdiction.  It’s going too far and we need to stop it.  And The LGBT influence in schools has become the popular cause and it, too, needs reigned in!  The FCC is looking at Steven Colbert and if they don’t fine him, there should never be an FCC indecency fine again!  As liberals attempted to take the moral high ground after the House’s healthcare vote, their cutsie social media campaign suddenly backfired on them.  It seems the libs are unfamiliar with moral high ground and don’t belong there!  And when they brought Jesus into the conversation, they quickly lost ground.

The legislature is back in session today to wrap up the budget.  There is other unfinished business and it’s not sure what the governor will do because his pet projects were largely ignored in the budget.  Speaking of the governor, he’s a bit disingenuous in his Florida jobs idea…his commercial for Visit Florida was shot outside the state where 15 or so jobs would have been in play to make it happen.  #FloridaTVProductionJobsDon’tMatter!

When even the left is tired of Hillary Clinton and her whining, why can’t Republicans learn to take small wins when they are presented?  I would love to see that happen, but am not holding my breath. 

Judge Stephen Koons is with us at 8am.  He’s penned a crime novel situated in South Florida that brings his unique experience to light.  It’s called Judgment at Twenty Mile Bend and you can pick up a copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Judgment-Twenty-Mile-Bend-Beach/dp/1620234033

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