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French Law Requires Doctor's Note From Models

(Paris) -- France is cracking down on models that are just too skinny. A new law will require models to have a doctor's note affirming they are healthy. Photos in print and online will also be required to carry a disclaimer if they've been retouched. It's part of the nation's effort to protect models against an unrealistic ideal of the female body. Bring on the plus size models!  Real women have curves!

No Joke As Stormtrooper Costume Leads To Evacuation

(Ashwaubenon, WI) -- A student wearing a Star Wars stormtrooper costume led to the evacuation of a Wisconsin high school. A concerned parent called Public Safety Thursday after seeing a person walking into school wearing unusual clothes and carrying a bag. The parent thought the unusually dressed person was wearing a flak jacket or a bulletproof vest. Eventually, the situation was cleared up when everyone figured the student was wearing a stormtrooper costume on Star Wars Day-May 4th.

Theft Charges Dropped Against Police Officer

(Pembroke Pines, FL) -- Charges are being dropped against a Pembroke Pines police officer who said he was under the influence of pain medication when he robbed a jewelry store. Kevin Burgs had been charged with grand theft after prosecutors say he took a watch two years ago from a Jared jewelry store. Surveillance video shows Burgs swiping the 800-dollar watch during a burglary investigation. Prosecutors now say Burgs was under the influence of pain medication after dental surgery and could "not fully comprehend his actions." It's not clear what will happen with his job now that the grand theft charges have been tossed out. Let’s hope they protect the public from employing this thief!

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