Cinco de Culture? Not Us!



What are your plans for tonight?  Is there a Mexican beer or meal in your future?  Are you appropriating a culture for a holiday that Mexico doesn’t really recognize?  For my money, as long as Mexican restaurants and beverage manufacturers are willing to sell to you on this made up holiday, they are the ones appropriating their culture, not us! 

We have interesting events around deaths of note in play today.  The Pulse nightclub is becoming a morbid memorial to terrorist slaying of gays en masse.  And Trayvon Martin’s parents must be so proud.  Their slain son is getting a degree from Florida Memorial University.  What good is this doing in either case?  Has anyone heard of Florida Memorial before?  Are their sports teams called The Undertakers?  Can’t wait to see that mascot!

In Palm Bay the “Councilman Weeth a Steek” brought a cheering section to the meeting with him.  That didn’t stop council from handing the mayor his sombrero as his lone ally, Councilman Jeff Bailey, joined the other 3 members in voting 4-1 to investigate the mayor’s initial letter of no confidence and use of the city seal.  This is a reversal for Bailey who stood with the mayor in the special meeting the mayor refused to attend.   

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi joins us at 8am.  We have lots to tackle, not the least of which is Florida Today’s Murder on the Space Coast series.  You’re invited into our discussion as we close our talk week and send you into the weekend. 

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