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Baker County High School Student Racist Social Media Post

(Glen St. Mary, FL) -- A Baker County High School student is in trouble for alleged racist social media posts. Baker County School District Superintendent Sherrie Raulerson confirmed this week that school officials in conjunction with the Baker County Sheriff's Office are investigating pictures posted to social media that appear to disparage black students on the basis of race. One of the photos depicts drawn nooses around the heads of black students sitting in a classroom. Investigators could seek hate crime charges. Hate Crime charges?  It may be racist, it may be ugly, but what law is broken by posting offensive material?  Careful!  We are going over the edge in this society!


2009, Connie Culp, the first person to receive face transplant surgery performed in the United States, unveiled her new face at a press conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

2004, a federal judge in New York rejected Martha Stewart's bid for a new trial. U.S. District Judge Mirriam Goldman Cedarbaum said Stewart received a fair trial when she was convicted in March of lying to investigators about her suspicious sale of ImClone stock.

1997, a jury in Jacksonville, Florida, found R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company was not responsible for the death of Jean Connor, a lifelong smoker.

1994, American teenager Michael Fay was caned in Singapore for vandalism. Fay's controversial sentence was reduced from six lashes to four after U.S pleas.

1961, astronaut Alan B. Shepard became America's first space traveler as he made a 15-minute suborbital flight aboard the Freedom Seven capsule.

1862, outnumbered Mexican forces defeated French troops sent by Napoleon the Third in the Battle at Puebla: Cinco de Mayo. At least now you know WHY you’ll be having a Corona or Dos Equis this evening…stay thirsty, my friends!

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