The Education of Mayor Capote



Apparently educating Palm Bay’s Mayor William Capote is an impossible task.  With only two votes there is no way he accomplishes his goal of removing City manager Gregg Lynk.  Yet, the “Mayor Weeth a Steek” persists in the futile effort.  This topic is a feature of my INSIDER column that will hit your inbox at 10am.  The mayor is whining that council met without him when he chose to be away from the special meeting for a “commitment with a friend” and believes they determined him to be a liar.  He claims to have followed the law precisely in his actions.  If so, one has to ask, why did he resubmit his letter of no confidence in the City Manager, but without the City Seal?  The circus continues tonight at 7:00 in council chambers. 

Not depending on government makes one “elite” according to one MSNBC panelist.  I always believed “elite” referred to a very small number.  If so, just how many elites are carrying the rest of us?  In Washington the House is ready to vote on a replacement for Obamacare.  They say it will pass.  In Tallahassee we will have overtime in the Legislature as they could not agree on the budget on time.  Reports are that we now have budget agreement, but it will be Monday before it can get a vote.  There are also problems with the education reforms that have been a focus all session.  Governor Scott continues his retaliation tour.  We could be seeing an additional Homestead Exemption on property taxes.  A Senate gun bill went directly to the House floor in a move that is unusual and worthy of a no vote.

Mike Haridopolos brings us his perspectives in our 7am hour and Representative Randy Fine is with us at 8am to lend his view from the House to the news from Tallahassee.

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