WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Reaping What We Have Sewn


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We created this mess, or allowed it to be created in our education system.  Bad policy leads to bad decisions and a generation of students with a false belief.  When they apply this in the real world of college, they cause panic and false accusations of racism.  It opens our day on BML.  While race is a topic, is it the biggest news in baseball?  If you follow sports media, it was yesterday!  Even cops are falling for the “guns are bad, especially toy ones” idea.  We can’t advertise cigarettes in our society, except in limited ways and locations.  Alcohol ads are prevalent.  What makes marijuana special?  Maybe it’s not, but it’s in consideration.  It’s sad when a police dog dies.  It’s even sadder when it isn’t in the line of duty, but because of neglect.  But do we value those dogs more than we value human cops?  Fires have been tough so far this spring and Brevard is considering adjusting the burn ban requirements…but at what expense?  The legislature has not been able to agree on a budget just yet.  The session will extend, we just don’t know how long.  The governor is wasting no time.  Rick Scott has restarted his Retaliation Tour to bash legislators for not funding his pet projects.  Those are only some of the stories we have in play on a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…what’s on YOUR mind? 

Firearmaphobia- we teach this, what do we expect?

While we are on race- baseball’s biggest story

Police Union going a bit far

Is Florida next?  Marijuana ads for radio

Sebastian Police Dog dies, investigation underway

The fires are NOT the fault of fireworks

Legislature to extend session

Governor reignites the Retaliation Tour

Did liberal media bias get President Trump elected?

Sessions: Don’t blame cops, blame thugs and drug dealers!

Additional Homestead Exemption?

Senate gun bill straight to House floor…rare and, um, NO

FT: Wrongful Prosecutions Must Be Investigated

Murder on the Space Coast- public interactive

Gabordi- We can’t ignore this

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