Selective Racism and Self-Loathing


There is a difference in being polite or sensitive to the perceptions of others and being downright stupid.  For many in today’s society, the second option is the one chosen.  For example, the Atlanta TV reporter forced to resign because she quoted a Twitter user in requesting his information for a story.  When she used the same phrase he did, suddenly she was a racist!  How’s this for convoluted logic?  You can’t shoot a bad guy about to harm you because you rob him of his opportunity for a fair trial!  That’s just our first hour!

One retired teacher sounded off over the weekend on reading selections for kids in schools and why parents should be kept out of the process.  He was far, far off base.  Have we decided on criteria for hiring a County Manager?  And what is it that Melbourne International Airport (you will not hear the O word here) has to brag about?  It’s not airline traffic, that’s for sure! 

Just in time for our visit with Judge A. B. Majeed in hour 3, we have a question asked of John Roberts with a surprising answer- is predictive technology appropriate for use in sentencing.  IT’s an interesting idea and, since the muzzle is off our judicial friend, we’ll ask that and much more.

Quoting message results in reporter’s resignation

What? Shooting in self defense denies bad guys a fair trial!

Teacher misses point- it’s not his book that is the issue today

Just what is the County Manager job criteria?

Melbourne International Airport’s brag- it’s pretty!

Technology and the Justice System

Fox News co-president out- is network vulnerable?

Did liberal media bias get President Trump elected?

Sessions: Don’t blame cops, blame thugs and drug dealers!

Additional Homestead Exemption?

Senate gun bill straight to House floor…rare and, um, NO

FT: Wrongful Prosecutions Must Be Investigated

Murder on the Space Coast- public interactive

Gabordi- We can’t ignore this

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