Bill's Daily News- Trams Away!

Tram Outage At Orlando International Airport 

(Orlando, FL) -- The Orlando International Airport tram is up and running again after a fourth outage in two weeks. Airport officials say the electric guideway people mover stopped during the noon hour yesterday between gates 30 and 59 for 40 minutes. Affected passengers were forced to disembark and walk to the nearest terminal. Reportedly, no passengers  missed flights.

Driverless Shuttles At Walt Disney World

(Lake Buena Vista, FL) -- And yet, Disney is moving forward with this-Driverless shuttles are coming to Walt Disney World. The "Los Angeles Times" reports the Walt Disney Company is planning to debut a pilot fleet at its Orlando-area theme park later this year. The shuttles would move passengers through parking lots and each carry 15 passengers at a speed of about 25 miles per hour. There is no doubt that Disney is far likely to do this better than the airport has!

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