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Border Patrol Finds Nearly 70 Pounds Of Pot In Casket 

(Tombstone, AZ) -- Drug charges are being filed after Border Patrol agents found nearly 70 pounds of pot in a casket. Officers in Tombstone, Arizona say the bust went down Saturday night when several red flags were found in a hearse at an immigration checkpoint. A K-9 unit sniffed out more than 30-thousand dollars worth of pot and one man was taken into custody. The casket had manure in bags in it in order to help mask the smell.  GEE, Mr. Dope Smuggler, think that may have been a clue?  Coffee, try coffee…and you don’t have to endure the odor of the poo!


2016, Tupac's mother Afeni Shakur passed away from a possible heart attack. Like her son, rumor has it that she isn’t dead and her next CD is due out any time!

2012, NFL great Junior Seau was found dead at his home in Oceanside, California, the apparent victim of a suicide. He was 43. Seau spent 20 seasons in the NFL, 12 of them with the San Diego Chargers.  His case is one of many cited as the NFL is criticized for head injuries and the long term impact of repeated head injuries.

1994, Nelson Mandela claimed victory in the wake of South Africa's first democratic elections.

1972, former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover died at the age of 77. He served as head of the FBI for 48 years under eight presidents.

1966, Tom Brokaw made his debut as news anchor of NBC-owned KNBC in Los Angeles. He would later move on to jobs as White House correspondent, "Today" show co-host and finally, lead anchor of the "NBC Nightly News."


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