That a Girl, Megyn Kelly!


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While there is talk of a new “conservative” news network to compete with FoxNews, I’m pretty sure Megyn Kelly didn’t make a move up with her first scheduled interview.  Is it possible that liberal media bias got President Trump elected?  Is consolidation of governments the key to efficiency?  Scholars at WVU say yes.  While WV is leading the way, let’s look at safety in state where no gun permit is required!  How could it happen again, and with Delta saying smacking a passenger is OK?  Alright fellas, you have to stop playing that offensive music around women!  Your white male privilege is showing!

We’ll have launch coverage during the show this morning as Jim Banke joins us to being the 7am hour…the launch is scheduled for 7:12am.  Then, in hour 3 a special treat.  My friend Don Sager, a former FED who worked many investigations with me in the Metro Drug Unit Days, joins us as we talk a little history, the transition while we were out of touch and how he went from tough guy cop to Dr. Seuss!  His book tells the tale of his adventures with his grandson as he discovers the wonders of the world.  Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves is the book and you can find it on Amazon: Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves- from

Megyn Kelly, THIS is a move up?

Did liberal media bias get President Trump elected?

Consolidation the path to government efficiency?

Speaking of leading the way…no gun permit needed

ANOTHER airline passenger smacking?

Guys, be careful, your music is an assault on feminists

Additional Homestead Exemption?

FT: Wrongful Prosecutions Must Be Investigated

Murder on the Space Coast- public interactive

Sylar and the Sycamore Leaves teaches life lessons

Indiana's Finest - Don Sager

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