Bill's Daily News (2): 05.01.17

Six-Year-Old Turns In Money He Found

(Arlington, MA) -- A six-year-old boy received an Outstanding Citizen Award in Massachusetts after turning in thousands of dollars he found. Jasper Dopman was walking with his dad in Arlington two weeks ago when they came across a bank bag containing two-thousand dollars. Erik Dopman turned the bag into authorities, who discovered it belonged to a family-owned Mexican restaurant. Tenoch Mexican Food Corp owner Alvaro Sandoval said -- quote-- "what the kid did, it's unbelievable." The Arlington P-D recognized the father and son for their good deed Thursday. It turns out Jasper is classmates with Sandoval's seven-year-old son.

Woman Faces Charges For Violent Threats Over Parking Spot

(Manchester, NH) -- On the other end of the scale…Charges are being filed in New Hampshire against a woman who got violent over a parking spot. Iris Maldonado of Manchester is accused of pointing a gun at a woman last Wednesday night after asking her to move her car out of a driveway. They say Maldonado's troubles went from bad to worse as the gun she used was stolen and she also had a Massachusetts state police badge. Felony counts are pending against the 30-year-old.


2016, the iconic elephants of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus performed for the final time. The curtain came down on the long circus tradition after decades of protests by animal rights activists.  The Circus is now in its final year of performing at all.

2011, President Barack Obama announced the death of elusive terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden from the East Room of the White House. Known to be the mastermind of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, Bin Laden was killed in a mission carried out by Navy SEALs.

2006, massive nationwide rallies and boycotts were staged in several cities around the U.S. highlighting the role immigrants play in the American economy and society. The demonstration was billed as the "Day Without Immigrants." It’s quite possible that nobody noticed!

1971, Amtrak began service.

1941, General Mills introduced Cheerios cereal.

1939, "Batman" made his debut as a comic strip hero by D.C. Comics. This is probably the Michael Keaton Batman, not Val Kilmer or George Clooney, certainly not Ben Affleck.

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