Brevard Schools FLUSH with Money!



HOLY MOSES!  We HAVE been deceived!  How can Brevard Schools consider rolling back some $25m in cuts from the LIFE OF Brian Binggeli era?  Would it be because they dumped some $33m a year of sales taxes on the Brevard community?  It sure seems that way!  How did they get flush with money so fast?  Given that they have the University of Wisconsin-Madison in their bailiwick, it’s no wonder that the Wisconsin legislature wants to protect free speech at state colleges.  Do airlines not watch the competition?  Do they have to learn on their own what NOT to do?  When in Rome…don’t ya have to go see the Vatican?  And when in Viera don’t ya have to find something to do with the stadium?  Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is with us at 7am today.  We’ll talk about the latest developments in Palm Bay politics (apparently the mayor still can’t count beyond 2, and he still doesn’t get it), the airline story that is baffling, perhaps the free speech issue and a compelling column in Florida Today that is a must read for families facing dementia or Alzheimer’s in a family member.  At 8 it’s State Representative Randy Fine with our weekly look at the legislative session.  Could the governor veto the entire budget?  If so, is there the resolve to override such a veto?  In other words, it’s a Friday and this is Bill Mick LIVE!

Schools suddenly have money to restore LIFE OF Brian era cuts

Wisconsin bill would punish for interfering with free speech

Must airlines learn by trial and error?

Catholic or not, do you go to Rome and not visit the Vatican?

Space Coast Stadium refit promises…visitors, bed tax

Florida whiskey in groceries bill passes- governor considering

Governor using false comparison trying to sell Visit Florida to legislature

Is a budget veto coming for Florida?

Bob Gabordi: the Honor Flight experience

Bill Maher backs Ann Coulter?  Yep!

MUST READ if you have a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s

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