One More Time: A-B-C, 1-2-3...Got it, Palm Bay?



We begin our day in law enforcement.  Let’s let the atheists police our towns, they are trying to be our governments, so why not?  NYPD gets it, even if their political leadership doesn’t.  Newt Gingrich has it right on guns and terrorists.  Palm Bay politics is apparently the gift that keeps on giving.  It looks like the City Attorney helped the mayor try to oust the City Manager and now we see he’s writing letters of no confidence involving employees.  Huh?  Maybe he should have run for office!  In Brevard the County Commission is cutting some things (good) saving others (bad) and looking like it’s confused as it does.  In Tallahassee the cuts appear to be coming, but the governor’s minions are trying to fight them off.  Those are my items of interest, but it’s Wednesday and that means the day is yours…so, tell me…WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?

Let the atheists police the town then

NYPD Union correct, city leadership wrong!

Newt right on guns, immigration

The Circus stays in town…it has to, it’s Palm Bay politics!

Commission cuts Cultural Alliance funds

Could NOT manage to cut the EDC

Enterprise, Visit Florida don’t survive unscathed

The reason the Speaker missed our interview yesterday

Dodgeball bad turned back…why not just stop all competition?

Bill Maher backs Ann Coulter?  Yep!

Another airline, another issue

Cocoa PD joins other cops in providing video surveillance for internet transactions

Some consistency on WikiLeaks would be nice

Bob Gabordi: the Honor Flight experience

MUST READ if you have a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s


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