Counting to 3- Mayor Incompetent at Basics



We begin our Tuesday in denial, or so the Climate Alarmists would say.  But, they are alarmists, not scientists as our posted read on Bill Nye will show you, if you dare watch the included raunchy video with non-science he praises.  Bill O’Reilly is speaking out, but if you expected a lot, you expected too much.  Today’s legal climate simply precludes that.  Did you see where Sean Hannity is the next target of vengeful leftists?  Such attacks diminish the claims of legitimate victims and should be called out as such! 

Today’s Palm Bay Update is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter D, as in duh!  Apparently Mayor Capote is politically unaware, unable to count and not very bright.  Council just last week voted 3-2 to give City Manager Gregg Link a substantial pay raise, largely because they substantially underpaid him on his way into the job because they errantly thought his private sector experience was somehow inferior to governmental experience.  When the City Manager has 3 votes of a 5 member body, the mayor has only his own vote and one more.  The counting is easy, but the mayor jumped on his political sword anyway.  D…U…H.

The Florida Legislature is nearly at an impasse.  House and Senate budgets are not even close to being the same and negotiations are not going well.  House Speaker Richard Corcoran is proposing a “Continuation Budget” leaving things largely as they were this year…the Senate doesn’t like that idea.  I have long believed that Corcoran was the author of Steve Crisafulli’s “take the toys and go home early” move a couple of years ago.  It was stupid then, it would be stupid now.  The Speaker is scheduled to join us in our last segment today.

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