Climate Alarmists Blinded by (Actual) Science



It was a different kind of weekend, stressful, yet rewarding in many ways.  Let’s start with reconnecting with an old friend from the drug cop days. I’ll get to introduce him to you next week as he has written, of all things, a children’s book.  It rhymes, it has beautiful illustrations and who’d have thought the tough guy, cop types would have it in them?  I was also honored to have the chance to proofread, edit and add commentary to a book another friend has written.  I hope to introduce that one to you before long!  Yesterday I was able to see another friend who’s had it pretty rough lately.  It was a celebration that would bring tears to your eyes.  And the news, the news would not stop piling up to the point we have the list below!  We’ve got everything from a disgraced Florida Senator (well, he was a senator until Friday) to Bill Maher backing Ann Coulter-yes, you read that correctly! 

SEXWARS: we have supposedly smart people saying gender can change daily, teachers wanting preschoolers to learn LGBT topics & cops patrolling in rainbow cruisers!

ED-WARS: we have students triggered by test questions (because we have trained them to be), a Florida teacher banning cross necklaces, Carolina parents upset over doomsday questions they claim are racist and a teacher’s union trying to ban competition in schools.

ENVIROWARS: the climate alarmists marched all over the country in support of their extremist, non-science based agenda (NOTE: if it were ACTUAL science, it would not rely on consensus and would not need a rally), it’s not about climate anyway, it’s about money and Bill Nye the not-so science guy can’t handle the truth!

DECISION WARS: The County Commission handed off its responsibility in the County manager search to a firm that will NOT serve our needs well.  We’ll need to add candidates to the pool they provide or we won’t have the best of all possible choices.

Artiles out, Governor would have fired him (did he realize he can’t?)

Send smart kids to Harvard- normal kids won’t survive the idiocy

Another week, more Britiots!

Oh, why not?  SERIOUSLY?  Not this cop!

Let the atheists police the town then

NYPD Union correct, city leadership wrong!

UW-Madison has triggered kids, of course, they encourage this

Is your problem with the question or the answer?

Dodgeball bad turned back…why not just stop all competition?

More than a jewelry ban at Tampa school

Newt right on guns, immigration

Bill Maher backs Ann Coulter?  Yep!

Another airline, another issue

County Manager search to take months & they aren’t looking where they should

Cocoa PD joins other cops in providing video surveillance for internet transactions

Elitist, black helicopter, climate change march to convince you to believe bad science and to ridicule your belief in the scientists that disagree with this one

It’s NOT about climate, it’s about MONEY!

When climate change alarmists are confronted with REAL science

Some consistency on WikiLeaks would be nice

Feds investigate Islamic terror in all 50 states

Titus landing grows- because everyone in Titusville wants a Harley

Lagoon oversight group wants transparency (what are they hiding?)

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