Education, the 1st Amendment & Running Your Mouth



State Senator Frank Artiles is in hot water…and given the politically correct environment in America today, he may not escape it with his elected job.  Drinking and combative conversation are not a combination that leads to positive things and Artiles is proof.  I wonder if Democrats in Tallahassee are considering banning the Governor’s Club.  We’ll hit a couple of education stories in our first hour as our schools need one idea and should lose the other.  Free Speech comes into play in hour two with a former Democratic official showing us just what the left thinks of the 1st Amendment (even if they are wrong).  China’s free speech problem isn’t what you may think…even commies can’t get away from PC.  While not yet reported in the news I am pretty sure the Palm Bay City Manager got a decent pay hike last night.  The lead up to it had me questioning the integrity of the City Council as they nearly backed out on a deal to review performance and consider the raise.  I’m sure many of you still would like to weigh in on Bill O’Reilly and we’ll allow that as we talk to Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi in our final hour of the week. 

An interesting idea for education

Another toy gun expulsion- administrators are not smart

Former DNC Chair says 1st Amendment doesn’t’ cover Coulter

China has a free speech issue- it’s not the one you think!

Artiles can’t escape situation caused by his stupid mouth

The back story- Governor’s Club drinking and talking don’t mix

Some consistency on WikiLeaks would be nice

Feds investigate Islamic terror in all 50 states

Titus landing grows- because everyone in Titusville wants a Harley

O’Reilly’s response

This O’Reilly complaint VERY weak

Congressman wants government to jump into airline management

Lagoon oversight group wants transparency (what are they hiding?)

Elitist, black helicopter, climate change march to convince you to believe bad science and to ridicule your belief in the scientists that disagree with this one

Gabordi on Commission Charity give-away

Interesting read on having your time stolen

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