O'Reilly Out at FoxNews


Bill O’Reilly is out.  That’s a shame given the boost he has been to FoxNews Channel since the beginning.  We have the media take, the FoxNews take and O’Reilly’s take.  We also have one accuser’s complaint and if it is indicative of the others, O’Reilly has been railroaded.  While we have a couple of very interesting education stories in the pile, it’s unlikely we’ll get to them this morning.  We are starting to see legislation move to the governor’s desk in Tallahassee and other legislation that isn’t moving at all.  At 7 we’ll talk with Mike Haridopolos about movement in Tallahassee and many events involving the Trump administration and the world from Washington, DC.  At 8 it’s Representative Randy Fine as he provides his regular Tallahassee update for us. 

O’Reilly out at FoxNews

FoxNews’ take on O’Reilly story

This O’Reilly complaint VERY weak

O’Reilly’s response

An interesting idea for education

Another toy gun expulsion- administrators are not smart

Some consistency on WikiLeaks would be nice

Feds investigate Islamic terror in all 50 states

Titus landing grows- because everyone in Titusville wants a Harley

County Manager input with search firm tonight, 5-7

UBER anti-local reg bill to governor’s desk

Write-in loophole will not close this year (GOOD!)

Interesting read on having your time stolen

Governor increases stupid quotient by 33%

Congressman wants government to jump into airline management

Lagoon oversight group wants transparency (what are they hiding?)

Gabordi on Commission Charity give-away

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