WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Stupid Is as Stupid Does Edition


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One Brit is recognizing a couple of countries for their success in obesity control.  He is now a Britiot.  CA college students are claiming free speech is oppressive.  We have yet another tone deaf corporation when it comes to messaging.  Michigan professors are set to teach students how to detect “fake” news.  Governor Scott is 1/3 more stupid than we had believed.  One Florida congressman wants the government even more in the airline management business.  The Feds are looking at Islamic terror in all 50 states.  Should Bill O’Reilly’s days be over at FoxNews?  Those stories and questions are on my mind as we begin this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  Do they have your attention?  If no, what is it that’s on your mind?  It’s your day on BML- let’s go!

Britiot Olympian praises 2 nations for obesity control

CA students claim free speech is a tool of the oppressors

Tone deaf corporations- phase 3: Adidas

Michigan profs to teach on deciphering fake news

Former Modesto area R Senator (now in Congress) an Obamacare fan

Interesting read on having your time stolen

Governor increases stupid quotient by 33%

Congressman wants government to jump into airline management

Feds investigate Islamic terror in all 50 states

Are Bill O’Reilly’s days done?  Should they be?

Lagoon oversight group wants transparency (what are they hiding?)

Gabordi on Commission Charity give-away

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