Bad Airlines, Bad Universities & Bad Decisions



Poor old United Airlines.  Following last week’s passenger punching bag debacle they decided tossing a newlywed couple was a good idea.  It used to be Florida Atlantic, now the University of Wisconsin-Madison is vying to be America’s worst college.  What happens when you coddle criminals?  California is finding out.  What about when you have an Art District in your town, but don’t find it good enough to host your Art Festival?  That is, after tossing it out of the prime location it’s had for years.  You think never in a thousand years, but is it just possible Russia could make you a spy?  In Tallahassee the Senate likes welfare for professional sports and the House finds common ground with the governor in the case of the Orange/Osceola State’s Attorney.  These stories and more on our Tuesday edition of BML.

United Airlines can’t stay out of the news

It was FAU, now UWM strives to be worst college in the US

CB pitcher making good- after major injury

Coddle criminals and get this

Here’s a start for Coal Country

Could Russia make you a spy?

Art festival cast out of Downtown- Is Wickham Park the right place?

Senate keeps pro sport welfare plan

House puts its nose in Scott/Ayala case

Lagoon oversight group wants transparency (what are they hiding?)

Gabordi on Commission Charity give-away

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