You Can't Make Up These Headlines



Truth is stranger than fiction, well, at least the headlines are as you see above.  A tranny prosecuted for illegal entry, a Sharia version of George Zimmerman, a Quran protection unit at an American university- they add up to actual news with headlines that surprise us.  Florida lawmakers are at odds over what statue should represent Florida in the nation’s capitol.  While a FL sheriff took heat after a menacing video to drug dealers, he made good on his threat to lock them up.  In Brevard the division in the County Commission grows wider as Economic Development Zones and CRA’s are in focus.  That division is clear and is the focus of this week’s INSIDER column-Brevard’s Civil War.  When the Lagoon oversight group says it wants transparency I wonder what they are trying to hide!  Nationally, one of my favorites from Star Trek the original series, George Takei- an avowed liberal- went after President Trump publicly with an interesting reaction and United Airlines just can’t stay out of the news. 

Tranny prosecuted for illegal reentry

The Muslim George Zimmerman- Sharia Neighborhood Watch

University of Texas at Dallas has Quran Protection Unit


No Disney, No Statue (like No Justice, No Peace only without the protests)

Ridiculed Sheriff wasn’t kidding- heroin busts made after video release

NBEDZ causes bigger commission rift

Lagoon oversight group wants transparency (what are they hiding?)

Mr. Sulu (the original) says Trump/Kim Jung-un from the same basket

United Airlines can’t stay out of the news

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