Diversity Deception (yes, they lie)


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While our news this morning is completely strange- I have never had a newscast like the one to open our show today- the remainder of the show is more of what we have come to expect.  In fact I have headlined one story with “I told you so” and others are confirming what we have been observing for some time.  For example we know the least diverse places in society are the ones heralding it and that certain minority groups do not speak for all of the minority’s members, in fact it may be smaller than even they think!  They do prosecute illegal voting in some places…Brevard is not one of them!  There has been action on roads and CRA’s in the County Commission. Commissioner John Tobia joins us at 7am to talk the details.  Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is with us at 8am as we look at the news, Murder on the Space Coast and how your news is delivered- if Burger King can stay out of the way!

Where is America least diverse?  Come on, you know this!

What do you think gals?  Should sports be segregated by sex?

Where is Baghdad Bob?  US drops Mother of All Bombs

Commissioners act to speed up road repair

Liberal wing of commission controls charity rollback

CRA’s coming to the forefront?

Agreement coming on CRA for County and Cities?  My guess is NO

Lagoon projects get 5 year review

BLM does not speak for minorities- I told you so!

Finally!  A prosecutor with guts to prosecute illegal voting!

Murder on the Space Coast: Season 2

Bob Gabordi- Did Burger King take over your device?

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