WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Bad Messaging Edition


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In what is so far an undiscovered after effect, apparently Chick-Fil-A causes gays to turn straight!  Why else would LGBT students at Duquesne fear the arrival of the chicken chain?  When will we have competency testing for Supreme Court Justices or mandatory retirement?  When racial crime happens it’s easy- blame Whitey.  But, Whitey doesn’t look like you might think!  Facebook’s founder came out with a surprise statement- CA standards are not those of the rest of the world.  Good for him!  Last week it was Pepsi and this week it’s United Airlines.  How do big companies fail so badly at the PR game?  While it isn’t Wheel of Fugitive, another Florida Sheriff has a message for bad guys and he’s taking heat for it.  I like it!  In the county CRA’s and the Lagoon are coming into focus and in Tallahassee and DC things aren’t as they have been.  Those are my topics for our day, what about you?  What’s on YOUR mind?

Apparently Chick-Fil-A can turn gays straight

Ginsburg- Lindsey Graham just one of the girls

Look what Whitey is doing…oops!

Facebook “community” to decide standards

United Stock crashing after PR blunder

Second apology attempt by CEO doesn’t help or jive with internals

It’s not Wheel of Fugitive, but is it effective?

CRA’s coming to the forefront?

Lagoon projects get 5 year review

Are gun bills dead in Tally?

Draining the swamp…the job and budget cuts

10 major legislative issues at the halfway mark

House/Senate differ on “Stand Your Ground” changes

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