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Harvard has done it now!  The allegedly respected and so-called institution of higher learning is also a bastion of political correctness, to the point of disrespecting its history.  They are rewriting the Alma Mater to exclude the Puritan founding of the school and be more inclusive.  We’ll help them in that effort this morning!  Speaking of education, we actually have a state taking a variation of my idea on testing and graduation.  Finally we see a college stepping up and disciplining BLM students.  Police were involved in that incident and in another state a cop was not wrong in slamming a female suspect to the ground.  If you want to act like a man, ladies, then welcome to being treated like one!  The “school shooting in San Bernardino wasn’t what we think of as a school shooting.  This was domestic violence moved to the wife’s workplace.  IN Tallahassee Richard Corcoran is going after corrupt dealing with the state budget and gun bills may be dead all because of another south Florida Republican.  DC had best prepare for a swamp draining as budget and personnel cuts are on the way.  School Board Member Andy Ziegler is with us in our final hour as we discuss the in-house attorney, the history textbook issue coming back to the district, the theft at Eau Gallie high, the EDR software issue, a political meeting at Viera High and more.

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