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From race (UCLA Dad says white players can’t win) and gender (boy running on girls’ track team) to contracts (Tomi Lahren suing Beck) and construction (how to have your way-or not- with city government in Titusville and Melbourne) we have an array of stories to begin our talk week together.  We’ll add a dose of BLM protesters who can not be appeased and jailed or dead voters here in Florida just to spice it up a tad.  James Woods sets TIME magazine straight on Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation and we have an explanation for everyone’s questions on the Pepsi ad- one from a writer, the other from SNL!

UCLA star’s dad says white starters too slow to win tourney

Hey babe, run a race on the wild side

Lahren suing Beck over show hiatus

UBER bans woman for threat

BLM will not be appeased, wants NO PEACE

Another Cocoa Expo fiasco with contractor/City of Titusville (sure, keep the eyesore)

Pssst, hey, Eau Gallie, whine over parking and we’ll get that garage!

Jailed and Dead voters in FL

James Woods sets TIME magazine straight on Gorsuch

The Pepsi ad explanation…everyone saying I don’t get it!

SNL had its fun with the ad (go watch the video)

10 major legislative issues at the halfway mark

House/Senate differ on “Stand Your Ground” changes

BCS has in-house attorney & a side of dissention

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