Pepsi & Kendall Jenner Were On the Right Track!



Social Issues.  They are standard fare on BML.  It’s because the issues impacting one element of our society will impact all of the others.  When certain of them are based in lies, it’s important to point it out and correct the narrative.  Healing needs to happen, but that presumes the patient wants to heal.  Pepsi crafted a very healing message given the climate in the country today.  It was met with disdain and ridicule.  Pepsi initially stood for the message, but quickly backed down in the face of an angry backlash.  That’s too bad because the message was a good one.  Given that reaction, it’s good that the company formerly known as Taser wants to provide body cameras to all cops in the country at no charge.  NEWSFLASH, Barry Manilow…it wasn’t one and we don’t care.  You gave us much of the music of the 70’s and it lives today…thank you!

Representative Randy Fine joins us for his Tallahassee update in our 7am hour and Mike Haridopolos is with us at 8 as we tackle Tallahassee and Washington with the former Florida Senate President.

Pepsi caves to offended groups-maybe Coke did it better

Given the reaction to the Pepsi story, this may be more necessary than ever

Surprise, Barry Manilow- we kinda knew and we don’t care!

Congrats Tennessee- you get to start the Obamacare implosion

FIT reinstates QB, not an easy road

Gabordi: Murder on the Space Coast shows pattern of corruption

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