WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- 'Oh, Canada" Edition!


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Much like our discussion this week on Marvel Comics and their realization that PC for established characters is not wise, there are some things you just don’t mess with even (or especially) for political correctness.  Ask Canada and what they are thinking about their national anthem.  What happens when your legislature caves to the politically correct demands of the NCAA?  The NCAA gives you back the right to hold their tournament events in your state.  And they said they weren’t trying to influence legislation!  The Lying liars who run the NCAA should all burn.  What would you do if you took your kids or grandkids to the park and were told upon arrival that you were not multicultural enough to use the park?  One Australian mom found out!  I wonder if California legislators know just how stupid they sound.  It’s time to stop federal monies if they pass this law.  Bet the CA kiddies loved this- no mirrors in the girls’ rooms.  Instead they had Stuart Smalley moments.

John McCain’s problem is that he doesn’t know how to lead or be in charge.  How does he cross the aisle when his party is in the majority?  He does it by suggesting we don’t like we are in charge!  That’s not deterring Mitch McConnell who is determined to get the president’s Supreme Court nomination through this week!  You know leftie Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Who best to exemplify how women in the workforce should be treated…you know, equal pay and all that.  Except…Warren underpays her female staff.  Typical, do what I say, not what I do!  And what happens when you turn 1/6 of the US economy over to those incompetent to manage it…it crumbles.  The Obamacare fail begins in Tennessee.  What an honor for the Volunteer State!  So, the question remains on this day-


Even Canada can’t stomach this PC move

NCAA gives NC a reprieve on tourney ban

Mom, you aren’t multicultural enough!

California’s Senate doesn’t want to play by US rules

CA kids get Stewart Smalley moments instead of mirrors

Finally- testimony in Needelman/BlueWare case

McCain gracing us with his less than infinite wisdom

McConnell ready for Nuclear Option even if McCain isn’t

Women’s Rights crusader Elizabeth Warren-eh, not so much

Congrats Tennessee- you get to start the Obamacare implosion

FIT reinstates QB, not an easy road

Gabordi: Murder on the Space Coast shows pattern of corruption

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