Governor Becomes CEO of the Courts- Removes Ayala (again)



It’s Tuesday and bad ideas abound: the ACLU wants school cops unarmed (like that’s a help), the movement based in a lie wants no whites involved (good idea, whites), the Ivy League ain’t what it used to be, lonely engineers have an answer (not that it’s a good one- or is it?) and Governor Scott takes more cases from the elected orange/Osceola State Attorney.  There is some good news in that MARVEL COMICS sees the light on the diversity push that ruined storylines and beloved characters, as language evolves so do symbols of communication and it appears we don’t have to worry about flying cops in Melbourne as the new Chief has been named and he didn’t use to work in Palm Bay!

Another horrible idea from the ACLU

“Language” changing in more ways than one

We told you so: MARVEL says they took diversity too far

Hands up!  No Whites!

Blacks and LGBT ONLY (race and gender issues equal?)

The solution for lonely engineers

Looks like no flying cops for Melbourne after all

Governor takes murder cases from Ayala

When will someone from Wells Fargo go to jail?

FIT reinstates QB, not an easy road

Gabordi: Murder on the Space Coast shows pattern of corruption

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