When Your Kids are Criminals & Sluts


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There is nothing like making yourself more of a victim than you really are.  Then, there is fighting the idiocy of the system and having your institution come down on you.  By the way, grandpa, if you don’t want your grandkids to die, raise them not to be criminals!  And, ladies, if you don’t like being slut-shamed…well, isn’t it obvious?  Uber drivers, is that decision to keep working yours?  Sure, you say, but is it, really?   Does our County Commission not have better things to do than regulate our drinking cups and to go meal boxes?  Maybe Randy Fine’s HB-17 IS the right thing!  The pro-Islamic textbook is back in focus in Brevard Schools…and the Superintendent is missing the point.  We have already addressed this…so why is the issue back?  Richard Corcoran says Governor Scott won’t be any help on Worker’s Comp.  Is anybody surprised?  Welcome to Monday!

When you marginalize yourself, snowflake

College conservatives host Social Justice Bake Sale- college goes nuts

If you don’t want ‘em dead, don’t raise criminals

Don’t want to be slut shamed…don’t be a slut!

Uber- the decision is yours…or so you think

Doesn’t the Commission have better things to do?

Here we go again- Textbook in focus, Blackburn missing the point

Corcoran: Scott won’t help us

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