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Not Consistent At All

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It may be the most commented on Facebook post I have made in a while.  Yesterday afternoon I posted about the Outside the Lines show on ESPN and the NCAA coaches and others whining about North Carolina’s bathroom law and the repeal effort.  The NCAA has removed championship play from the state until the law is changed, although they deny playing politics with local government decisions.  And, apparently, the SEC wants to control Arkansas’ concealed carry law and may eject teams from the conference that have state law allowing concealed carry into athletic venues.  We begin our Friday there.

Our schools are still going too far with children, young children and Zero Tolerance.  There are some people you just can’t talk to…the Black Lives Matter folks fit the bill.  A North Carolina restaurant has banned children under 5.  The NCAA is staying away from this one as far as we know, but is this policy smart?  In Tallahassee the orange/Osceola State Attorney had a rally, such as it was, and Governor Scott has departed on yet another log of the Retaliation Tour.  I guess the Governor With No Clothes will never learn.

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is with us at 8am and we’ll kick around the BCSO/FDLE investigation of the BCS software investigation, the Mitch Needelman case finally getting into court, Barbara Pill’s killer staying alive and more.

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