Schoolpidity, the Legislature & the Sheriff



It’s a wonder we have kids who are educated at all if today’s primary, secondary and post-secondary education stories are typical.  Thankfully they are not as far as we know.  While illegals are whining in Tallahassee Seattle’s mayor is suing the president over Sanctuary City policies.  Representative Randy Fine (with us at 7am) has at least one bill facing big opposition as are some others that are in play regarding home rule.  The House and Senate are both pursuing a bad idea in the Markeith Loyd case-cutting the Orange/Osceola State’s Attorney office budget by over $1m and personnel by 21.  We have more in this in today’s INSIDER column coming to your inbox around 10am.  The House has passed judicial term limits and the limit is 12.  Sheriff Wayne Ivey will join us in hour 3 and it’s been busy for them since we last talked.  The nonsense of a citizen’s review panel for his department was wisely not acted upon by the County Commission and the Brevard Schools arrest and investigations were announced.  We’ll have questions and Wayne will being the answers on today’s show.

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High School kills parent prerogative

Elementary school suspends 5 year old for playing

Mayor of Sanctuary City Seattle sues President Trump

Illegals whine in Tallahassee

Fine’s, other bills going after local power…conservatives wanting BIG GOVERNMENT?

Senate gets in on bad House idea

House passes 12 year judicial term limits

Today’s launch a history maker-Jim Banke covers tonight at 6:25 on WMMB

Moon Port in NASA plans…Deep Space 1, perhaps?

Lyin’ Ryan on crusade against House Conservatives

BPS attorney candidate pool whittled down

Education bills in Tallahassee

Blackburn speaks out on DeVos and school choice

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