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While it’s your day to decide our direction of travel on BML, we have no shortage of stories for your consideration.  From surrendering your man card to launching from our first moon orbiting space station we have any number of discussions ready to go.  Dave Chappelle is no stranger to controversy and he’s found it again with LGBT humor.  In an update from yesterday one Daily Caller writer is laying out Jesus facts for the Rollins professor.  We have a couple of courtroom stories in play as well as the potential for another Obamacare killing vote while illegals whine in Tallahassee.  A Florida poll says 74% of us want Open Primaries…interesting that this happens as the Dems have lost power all over the country.  Speaking of power, so-called conservatives are trying to consolidate it in Tallahassee at the expense of local governments…this is a conservative no-no and let’s hope the legislature comes to understand it.  So…what’s on YOUR mind?

Canadian male students: surrender your Man Cards here!

From hyper masculinity to hypersensitivity and a stupid school decision

Dave Chappelle offends the LGBT community with comedy…tough!

Daily Caller lays out Jesus facts for Rollins professor

CA Chief Justice educated beyond her capability

Loyd case keeps new prosecutor, Ayala sidelined

Freedom Caucus could force another Obamacare vote

Coal is West Virginia…and the rest of the country, too!

Moon Port in NASA plans…Deep Space 1, perhaps?

Illegals whine in Tallahassee

74% want open primaries- easy: PICK A PARTY!

Fine’s, other bills going after local power…conservatives wanting BIG GOVERNMENT?

Lyin’ Ryan on crusade against House Conservatives

BPS attorney candidate pool whittled down

Education bills in Tallahassee

Blackburn speaks out on DeVos and school choice

Gabordi- EDR deal was no deal and leaders were not leading

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