Rollins College: Christians, sit down and shut up!



Tuesday brings us a shocker from Rollins College.  A Christian student was reportedly suspended for standing up for his beliefs when a Muslim professor declared them untrue.  Feminists are nearly as tolerant when one of their own challenges them on tactics and is immediately attacked!  Cocoa Beach came up with a better electronic parking solution than the one they considered a few years ago.  In Melbourne we have bad guys shooting at each other (which isn’t so bad) but they aren’t telling on each other and that puts non-criminals in danger.  The blame game is on in DC as conservative are the target of Lyin’ Paul Ryan and moderate Republicans.  A good idea has been presented in Congress.  It’s a simple bill that does nothing but repeal Obamacare and reset the insurance situation to the day before Obamacare went into effect.  Sanctuary Cities stand to lose money if they continue their evil ways. 

Eric Garvey, the Director to the Space Coast office of Tourism, joins us in Hour 3.  He took over an ineffective agency that was wasting money right and left. Think of billboards to nowhere, advertising our beaches on TV in Tampa and a $67,000 statue on Melbourne Beach that brings nobody to the county!  We’ll see if any of that has changed, his reaction to the debate in Tallahassee over Visit Florida and why they spent so much on a video plugging their own pay raises.  We have significant funds now allowing USSSA to skate on taxes while Space Coast stadium and other facilities are renovated for them.  And why not change the law, as panhandle counties did, and allow for TDC funds to be used for roads? 

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