Corruption in Convictions- Say It Ain't So!



It was a beautiful weekend and I hope you enjoyed it!  Saturday we went to Royce Bartlett’s RTBA basic pistol course at the American Police Hall of Fame.  It was a great class and if you haven’t taken a CCW class (or even if you have) I would highly recommend you take this one.  Alas, the weekend is done and it’s back to reality like…

Walking to school and being served a trespassing notice, realizing Chelsea is not the brightest of Clintons, the AP has redefined gender for us, seeing the nation in outrage over illegal immigrant students raping an American student in MD and the school official being outraged over the outrage, the failure of the congress on the healthcare and a Trump advisor who just doesn’t understand how it all works.  Locally we are whittling down the candidate pool for BPS’ in-house attorney, looking at education bills in Tallahassee and checking in on the Superintendent’s opinion of the Education Secretary.

In our final hour Florida Today’s John Torres joins us to discuss Murder on the Space Coast and if I read him correctly he will assert that prosecutors in Brevard are either incompetent or corrupt…and he may be right!

Walk to school, get cited for trespassing

Chelsea not the brightest Clinton

The AP redefines gender

MD parents outraged over rape accused of racism

Newt: Trump misled by Ryan

This IS the Republic at work, folks

Bannon did not understand how the republic works

BPS attorney candidate pool whittled down

Clerk of Courts/Sheriff warn of JURY DUTY scams

Education bills in Tallahassee

Blackburn speaks out on DeVos and school choice

TDC types bucking for pay hikes even with no proof of effectiveness

Is Torrez alleging incompetence or something worse?

Murder on the Space Coast

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