Uproar Over State Attorney Replacement


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Congratulations!  We have made it to Friday and the weekend is before us!  Not so for my West Virginia Mountaineers as they fell in NCAA play last night to Gonzaga 61-58 in an exciting, back and forth nail biter.  It could have gone either way and the Bulldogs worked hard to earn the win.  Wow, what a game it was.  Congrats to Gonzaga.

Here in the real world a St. Johns County HOA is showing is racist preferences and hatred for cops.  An amazing and smart 4 year old saved his mom by using her smart phone.  Corruption in Florida continues and more money is set to go the friends of a Florida Senator even though they did not perform on the first million he got them from the state.  Speaker Richard Corcoran and the governor are still at odds, but Corcoran is backing the governor’s removal of Orange County’s State Attorney and going a step beyond calling for her suspension.  Meanwhile, the FL Legislative Black Caucus wants her reinstated in a very inconsistent position for them.  Locally the TDC is bucking for raises for its people…had their ads for the Space Coast been nearly as good as their “Hollywood trailer quality” self-aggrandizing presentation for the County Commission we may have actually seen them draw a tourist or two to our community.  In DC what the media is calling a setback for Republicans is actually the Republic working as it was designed.  Debate, dissention and negotiation are to be a part of the process.  We just haven’t’ seen it in so long some think that something is wrong.  The president’s threat to leave Obamacare reform and move on to never return concerns me.  Is it a sign he just doesn’t understand the process or is it a tactic to pressure the vote his way?

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi joins us in our third hour to discuss these stories and more.

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Press’ “setback” is actually our Republic working as designed

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