SUNTREE's Big Brother Attitude!



What is it about Suntree?  Do they just hate everyone and everything?  Now the big daddy HOA there is going after pets.  My question would be: have they done anything about DUI’s around golf courses?  Sure- ignore real problems and go after some solution in search of a problem-just like they did with sex offenders.  Florida Today’s Wayne Price will join us at 6:25.  He wrote the story and lives in the wants-to-be-a-government HOA.  We’ll talk to Randy Fine as the House is back in session this week.  What’s advancing and what issues are coming up?  We’ll see what the Representative has to say in our 7am hour.  At 8am it’s former Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos as we look at state and national issues. 

I also had an interesting telephone call in my office after yesterday’s show.  The very polite, self-described left-leaning listener took me to task for using the word TRANNY in yesterday’s web poll.  We had a very pleasant, if opposing, conversation about language, the LGBT agenda and my response to it.  If she thought that was bad, I hope she’s an INSIDER and reads today’s INSIDER column where I use language the left has decided we should be using in regard to many of these same issues.  Funny thing is, I almost used TRANDICAPPED in the poll yesterday…maybe I should have.  She was worried about me offending the tranny community…and then I reminded her that the tranny community is not likely to be tuning into the show most days (except for maybe my friend Robin) and that the left, by and large, is not there either.  She quickly reminded me she was there.  I told her I didn’t really care about offending people, it happens in my business.  I also reminded her that I was offended by the LGBT agenda being pushed on our society.  Neither of us gained any ground, but it was a fun conversation.

In the “if we only had the time” category are stories about the Pulse nightclub shooting victim families suing Omar the Dead Terrorist’s former employer and his widow.  I guess the over $30 million donated and already handed out to these folks wasn’t enough?  A prominent Presbyterian pastor was set to receive an award for his work…and then another Presbyterian pastor reminded the giver that what the first pastor preaches is not inclusive (even though it happened to be scripture).  The award is now off the table.  It appears the Trump presidency has brought on a surge in pro-gun legislation. 

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