WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Petty Government Edition


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It’s your day to take us anywhere you’d like.  If it’s on your mind, it’s on BML.  So what’s it to be?  For my part we have how trans-women hurt real women, entertainment in Coal Country, the County Commission dealing with petty issues and taking their sweet ole time in hiring a County Manager.  We are also seeing a Supreme Court nominee handling the Senate with great ability and knowledge.  Sanctuary cities and counties in FL are now legislative targets and they should be.  The governor’s team is missing a key point or two in their criticism of Speaker Richard Corcoran and their argument goes against their position.  I doubt they know that.  What’s on your mind?

Tranny privilege sets back real women

Entertainment in Coal Country

Lots to do, but commission fights over office location

We have a search firm- County manager only 3 months away…maybe

Have to love a Supreme nominee being superior to Senator

R bill would keep CCW safe across state lines

Sanctuary cities/counties a legislative target

Scott team misses reality check on Corcoran

Is Torrez alleging incompetence or something worse?

Fine defends big state, little local bill

Rockledge Deputy Mayor lays out credible argument vs Fine’s HB 17

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