County Commission Aids and Abets Tax Evasion

USSSA's Mission: Impossible


We begin the day with a warning for trannies…because they demand the attention, that’s why.  Tom Brady’s jerseys have been recovered.  Is anyone surprised it was a member of the sports media that had them?  While shirts are a problem in the NFL, they are more of a problem for one school and the girls who made them eat their dress code.  West Virginia is bringing common sense back to the classroom.  A town hall at the University of Florida was to address snowflake complaints, apparently.  Judge Andrew Napolitano appears to have been suspended at Fox News.  What’s the delay in finding County Manager candidates?  Who is helping USSSA be tax evaders?  The answer to both is the County Commission.  It’s a Tuesday that brings these issues and more to mind…let’s get going!

Trannies have been warned in OK

Brady jersey recovered- credentialed media member had it

Speaking of shirts- sister hands school its hat for sibling dress code violation

WV brings back classroom common sense

Who would have seen a problem with CNN, DNC partnership?

UF town hall for snowflake complaints

Napolitano benched at Fox over wiretap claims

R bill would keep CCW safe across state lines

Maybe this is Brevard’s answer for roads…Palm Bay is already there

And why is this taking so long?  Should have been in process by now

County Commission helps USSSA be a tax evader...pays for upgrades

Is Torrez alleging incompetence or something worse?

Fine defends big state, little local bill

Rockledge Deputy Mayor lays out credible argument vs Fine’s HB 17

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