Education Follies- Changing the Language

CHANGING THE LANGUAGE (not a good idea)


What a weekend it was given my WVU Mountaineers are on their way to the Sweet 16 and I attended the first play I’ve been to in a long, long time.  It was South Pacific (by the way- Surfside Playhouse- well done!).  But the NCAA (apparently stands for Not Consistent At All) won’t escape the day unscathed.  Neither will some of its member institutions who are bent on changing our language for the worse.  Even milk is racist, it seems.  At least WV is bringing common sense back to the classroom.  Congress considers protecting CCW holders as they travel the country.  It could be we have an answer for Brevard roads, but no one will like it.  One story highlights how politicians become hated.  Another shows how the Republicans in Tallahassee, instead of leading, had power to the outnumbered Democrats.  Locally, a fugitive that was scamming Brevard restaurant workers has been arrested while the workers go unpaid.  John Torrez is back at his “Murder on the Space Coast” series and it appears he’s saying the State attorney’s office is incompetent…or worse.

Starnes: Physics teachers can’t tell each other’s genders

Forget the LGBT battle; that’s nothing compared to this

School tries to dodge responsibility for drunk teacher

Another PC word guide  (here it is) (self referencing school)

“Christian” college falls to PC gods, too

It gets worse- milk is racist

WV brings back classroom common sense

Who would have seen a problem with CNN, DNC partnership?

R bill would keep CCW safe across state lines

Maybe this is Brevard’s answer for roads…Palm Bay is already there

Why we hate politics and politicians

Governor/Speaker battle empowers Tallahassee Dems

Fugitive who was scamming Brevard restaurant workers arrested

Is Torrez alleging incompetence or something worse?

Here’s your leftist LGBT dictionary (time to use their words?)

Fine defends big state, little local bill

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