OUTRAGE! Prosecutor's Miscue & District Disasters


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There was outrage in the law enforcement community as the orange/Osceola State Attorney had announced that she would not seek the death penalty in the case of cop assassin Markeith Loyd.  Aramis Ayala was subsequently removed from the case by Governor Rick Scott who replaced her with Lake County State Attorney Brad King.  The governor then doubled down on doubling down on stupid as he launched a TV ad attacking House members who have voted for common sense administration of Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida.  Where Republicans had a chance to lead, executive and legislative coming together for the good of the state, Scott has squandered the opportunity in political grandstanding that has no foundation in fact.  Holding these tax squandering agencies accountable while still meeting the job and tourism goals of the state would be a win-win.  As it stands, Scott is driving the sides to deeper entrenched positions.  Like I’ve said time and time again, not smart.

Brevard Schools have had a tough week.  The incompetence of the previous administration and board was highlighted as Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Superintendent Desmond Blackburn announced the conclusion of the EDR software contract investigation.  There are no charges being filed.  Then, a long time school bookkeeper was arrested for embezzling somewhere near $120,000 from Brevard schools and athletics.  Now an audit reveals potentially improper payments to the Brevard Schools Foundation (as much as we pay in taxes for schools, why do they need a charity?), a failure to require background checks on community coaches serving in our schools and other irregularities.  School Board Spokesman Matt Reed is with us at 7am to discuss it all.

Matt’s former boss, Executive Editor Bob Gabordi of Florida Today, will be with us at 8am to talk other local issues and the state’s Sunshine Law.  How does a Sports Commission get a say in how tax dollars are spent, especially when it is just an arm of the hoteliers association?  Does Titusville need a curfew?  And, if we have time, are chimpanzees human?  Yes, the question is in the courts…WOW!

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