WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Respect & Reputation Edition


Today’s your day to drive the conversation.  What is it on your mind?  For some of you it’s, “Hey, you kids!  Get off my beach!”  For me the day begins with a thankful look back at the influences in our lives.  One of the biggest in my life was our Junior High School Principal, Jim Hamrick.  I was able to reach out to him yesterday just to say, “Thanks.”  I am so glad I did.  This man commanded respect and taught us what it was to respect not just people, but what you have in your life.  We’ve all had those people in our lives…have you reached out to those special people who made you what you are?   Other topics in play today include things those college kids are likely studying, what a reputation can do for a group of people, many of us will be happy that the US plans to cut UN funding and a school dodging responsibility for its employee.  Note, she may be a temp, but she’s all yours!

You kids get off my beach!

Shouldn’t you kids be studying this?

Here’s your leftist LGBT dictionary (time to use their words?)

Starnes: Physics teachers can’t tell each other’s genders

Hard to live down an earned reputation

School tries to dodge responsibility for drunk teacher

US to slash cash for the UN, others

Fine septic tank bill in trouble (thankfully)

Fine defends big state, little local bill

Bob Gabordi- Sunshine is cloudy?

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