Who's Special? Not You, Unless You're a Teacher!

Special Class?

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Again today we have another example of the impact of a $15 an hour minimum wage.  What it is people don’t get about entry level jobs and intended part time employment is beyond me.  You’re going to pay one way or another!  It looks like that retired Tampa area cop is in for a tough trial in the theater shooting case.  CA lawmakers want teachers to know how special they are (and how you aren’t if you aren’t a teacher) as they propose no income tax for teachers.  Paul Ryan is OK with the CBO report on the Obamacare replacement.  Newt Gingrich is not.  Nancy Pelosi, for a change, wants to see the legislation before voting on it…what a novel concept!  While the Florida House voted to kill Enterprise Florida, the governor has still learned nothing about the negotiation process and is trying to wield power that he just doesn’t have.  Trying to turn the state against its elected representatives is a stupid move that won’t work.  I wonder if ANY of the governor’s advisors have the courage to tell the governor that. 

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