Monday Madness (nothing to do with basketball)



The weekend news list is long and we won’t cover it all today.  From a Canadian women’s shelter tossing real women in favor of tranny homeless (still equipped for a men’s shelter) to Air Force language warnings, our world seems to be losing its collective mind.  Apparently attorneys (at least in California) have no self control and they need rules to prevent sex with clients.  From the Florida Legislature to our County Commission law making is ongoing.  From the Obamacare redo to the president’s new orders on immigration the national debate continues.  By the way, United States Attorneys serve at the will and pleasure of the president.  It’s funny how some of them, well, one of them, forgets that.  Oh, and for the second time in as many weeks…it was another squirrel in the Mick animal sanctuary and home grown food center.

Canadian shelter tosses women for speaking out on tranny occupant

Time to make fun of the Air Force

Follow Up: College almost responds to “take off your hoops”

CA says no to attorney/client sex (apparently because attorneys can’t)

A move FL should consider

Commission has tough budget work ahead

No Stand Your Ground in theater shooting

FL House vote is to kill Enterprise Florida

Nancy Pelosi’s tune has changed…a LOT

Judge won’t stop new immigration order

But this one does…for one family

US Attorney had to be fired by the president

Surcharge replacing menu price hikes

Fine defends big state, little local bill

Bob Gabordi- Sunshine is cloudy?

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