Lessons from Day Without an Immigrant


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How did that Day Without an Immigrant work out for them?  I’m not sure, but one teacher has what I believe is the right idea.  And she’s speaking out…she’s in trouble for it, but she’s speaking out!  What happens on a university campus when you criticize the administration over free speech?  They crank down on free speech, of course!  What happens when an Assistant State attorney has a drug problem?  He gets busted buying drugs illegally and gets fired.  The Brevard Sheriff’s office wants a law in Tallahassee that will restrict internet service providers from advising their customers when law enforcement has a warrant for their computer activity.  It has some merit.  The Florida House is standing firm in its battle with the governor over economic development and tourism spending.  The School Board has been discussing how to spend you sales tax money and is seeking an in-house attorney.  Board Member Andy Ziegler is with us in our 7am to talk these and other board issues.  Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi joins us at 8am and we’ll talk local issues of import with our newspaper of record.

Day without an immigrant backfired…sort of

Free Speech after criticizing university-what do you think?

FL House stands firm, ready to pass program elimination

Next target: higher education spending

7 attorneys under consideration for School Board job

Assistant State Attorney fired- caught buying drugs illegally

BCSO seeks bill to silence ISP’s

Surcharge replacing menu price hikes

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