Don't Post the Truth or Appropriate a Culture



It’s a government watch day as we have Representative Randy Fine joining us in hour 2 and Mike Haridopolos with us in our 3rd hour today.  It’s been a contentious start to the legislative session and that isn’t likely to change in the near future.  In DC we have a new travel restriction in place, the Obamacare replacement battle and the WikiLeaks scandal.  We have a local Al Sharpton affiliated group wanting control of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. This is a HORRIBLE idea.  Here’s an idea for you: if you want to control the Sheriff’s Office, get your candidate elected Sheriff.  These folks are neither qualified nor capable of oversight of a law enforcement agency.  Meanwhile 7 attorneys are under consideration to be the new in-house attorney for the School Board.  I would hope this would be a huge cost saving measure. 

LOVE THIS KID…and his take

White girls- stop appropriating culture of color!

WikiLeaks- still has 99% of CIA docs

Sharpton clones want control of BCSO

7 attorneys under consideration for School Board job

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