WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Day Without a Woman


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Maybe it’s a good thing I had my own version of a Mississippi Squirrel Revival (thank you, Ray Stevens) at my house yesterday.  It has me on my toes for a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY that is doubling as The Day Without a Woman…and I am thinking of several society could do without.  Then again, it can’t be just women we do without today…we have to include guys who think they are gals.  Just ask the former all girls sorority Alpha Chi Omega.  One college group is apologizing all over itself for offending the abnormal in their support of women.  When will we see what we are doing to our society?  Oh, and on this Day Without a Woman, who’s paying for it?  Our children are, that’s who!  WikiLeaks has outed some CIA activity and cites.  The Florida Legislature opened with contention between the governor and the legislative branch.  The battle is on for replacing Obamacare and the Republicans aren’t happy with the pushback.  It’s all in play on a WIDE OPEN EDNESDAY…what’s on your mind?

97% consensus on global warming…actually under 1/3

Making up crime a requirement at University of Michigan

University and Sorority life has made women stupid

And now- don’t offend the abnormal in your support of women!

Day Without a Woman costing kids…great legacy, ladies!

WikiLeaks outs alleged CIA actions, cites

Lottery contract out- Corcoran correct

Scott, Legislative leaders speak on opening day

Conservatives unveil replacement for O’Care Lite

The legislative session, a unique look

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