Sugar, ahhhh, Honey, Honey



When government gets too big good people lose jobs.  Ask the Pepsi employees in Philadelphia.  The Supreme Court rightly turned back the Virginia transgender school bathroom case.  The DOJ is explaining the president’s new executive order regarding terror importing countries.  Republicans in the House have unveiled the replacement for Obamacare.  In Tallahassee the legislative session gets under way and the governor’s handpicked chief for Enterprise Florida has bailed on him.  We have those issues and much more in play as we get our Tuesday rolling on BML.

Good people, good jobs lost- thanks, Philadelphia!

Supremes turn down VA tranny case

DOJ explains new travel restrictions

Dems: It’s still a ban on Muslims

House R’s unveil Obamacare replacement

Congress failing Trump on agenda

The Wiretap rundown

97% consensus on global warming…actually under 1/3

Legislative session begins

Governor’s handpicked exec leaves Enterprise FL

How it will play out…by a guy who’s been there

Legislative leaders reach budget deal

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