White House fails to offer ANY evidence of Trump Tower bugging for third straight day

The White House entered a twilight zone world Monday as it tried to explain why Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of having him wiretapped.

Trump's deputy press secretary endured a mauling by ABC News' George Stephanopolous as he pointed out that the reports she claimed backed up the allegation in fact did not.

Then later in the day Press Secretary Sean Spicer held his regular briefing off camera where he was hit with question after question on the wire-tapping claims - but said:  'I'm not gonna go into anything further, as the president noted, until this is resolved.'

In fact the president's only public statements have been his Saturday morning tweets which aired the explosive claims about wiretapping.

Spicer - who has now avoided cameras at his briefings since last Monday, said he was not going to say any more and added: 'If we start down the rabbit hole of discussing some of this stuff, I think that we end up in a very difficult place.'

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