DC, San Francisco, Suntree & Melbourne


(Photo: BillMick)

The weekend began with the Salvation Army golf tournament and it was an amazing day.  The weather was great, the golf was fun and we raised money for a great cause.  Being on the winning team didn’t hurt the weekend, either!  Our workweek begins with a college banning sexist terms, women encouraging other women to skip work on the DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN…my next day would be DAY WITHOUT A JOB. Congress is failing President Trump on his agenda.  San Francisco is failing the country on anti-terrorism efforts.  Suntree wants to ban sex offenders.  The County Commission is considering lagoon projects.  The so-called 97% consensus on global warming is actually a far, far smaller number.  Florida’s legislative session begins this week with a deal on constructing the budget and Bill Cotterell lays out how he sees it all coming together.  Melbourne is investing heavily in the Mayor’s favorite part of town and dumping a prime piece of property on the river.  Councilman Paul Alfrey is with us in our 8am hour to talk city issues.

No sexist terms for U

Should be followed by DAY WITHOUT A JOB

Congress failing Trump on agenda

San Francisco leaves FBI anti-terror task force

Suntree wants sex offenders banned

Commission to consider lagoon projects

97% consensus on global warming…actually under 1/3

Legislative session begins

How it will play out…by a guy who’s been there

Legislative leaders reach budget deal

Melbourne selling prime riverfront location

Melbourne dumps cash into housing project

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